Why Invest in Emerging Markets?

Investment Analysis – Emerging Markets:

Developing countries, also known as the emerging markets, are fast becoming the driver of global growth. Why invest in emerging markets? To cash in where the growth is today, and for the foreseeable future. http://ow.ly/3pAKKc
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Sam Zell, Ex-Partner Face Off in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets – Real Estate

Since an acrimonious split two years ago, Sam Zell and his former partner Gary Garrabrant have kept their distance. Now they are preparing to square off on turf they once conquered together: emerging-markets real estate… http://t.co/E3Ex7YparT
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Best Places for Vacation Home Deals

Best places for vacation home deals – Whether you love golf, the water, the outdoors or theme parks, here are the … ow.ly/2K7zw3

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China, India and Brazil set to drive forward real estate growth in next decade

India, China, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, Middle East and Africa and parts of East Europe are set to see the most dynamic growth for construction in 2013, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

China, India and Brazil are likely to drive in the highest real estate growth over the next decade, its latest insight report shows.

‘In these countries, the opportunities for infrastructure development and construction will be driven by increasing purchasing power, labour mobility, demands for higher living standards and major upgrades in transport systems, utilities and buildings,’ it points out.
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Brazil sets record for development lending in 2012

SAO PAULO–Brazilian real-estate lending, including both mortgages and loans to real-estate developers, totaled 82.8 billion Brazilian reais ($40.6 billion) in 2012, an all-time high, the Brazilian Association of Mortgage and Building Lenders, or Abecip, reported Wednesday.

By comparison, the previous record was set in 2011 with a volume of 79.9 billion Brazilian reais. As recently as 2010, volume was only BRL56.2 billion.
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